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About Us

!!!!!!Fresh, premium proteins and produce!!!!!!

!!!!!!Maintaining the highest standards, serving healthy and flavorful options via our love for food and what we do!!!!!!

!!!!!!We are confident that our dedication to our craft will translate to a satisfied palate!!!!!!

My love for food and creativity starts with my upbringing. Born in Venezuela, my journey has allowed me to experience Spanish food in one capacity. The next layer to my journey was when I lived in California and appreciated the Cali-Mex fusion. At the age of 9 we moved to Lebanon where I indulged in the balance of flavors and vision for eclectik outcomes. I consider myself lucky to have experienced and tasted first hand the mix, blend, and love that goes into the herbs, spices and understanding of food. My love for food and creativity has been with me every step of the way. Indulging and creating the fusion of not only herbs but great food, and I’m so excited to share that vision with you.